Here is a selection of some of the previous projects we’ve worked on:


Dura Garages

We are the flooring contractors for the luxury garage makeover brand, Dura Garages.

This is a Methacrylate Flake Floor which is ideal for locations which need to be back in use in the least possible time.

An MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) Floor can take foot traffic within one hour of installation.



Car Repair Centre

Some before and after pictures of an Epoxy Resin Floor at an Auto Repair Centre.
Our resin floor solutions can transform any space – it is almost unrecognisable!



Cold Storage Unit Flooring

The process from start to finish.
You can transform any space with a Firstline Floor!
This is a decorative quartz screed being installed  in a cold store (walk-in fridge).



Dog Daycare Centre

This is an Epoxy Resin Floor for a client with very specific vision for how their floor should look.



Warehouse Upgrade


Domestic Flooring


Warehouse Space


Garage Floor


Off-licence in Cardiff


Warehousing Space – Before and After


Dog Hotel and Day Care


Another Floor we have installed for JR Petfoods